Best Facial cleanser I’ve ever used

If there’s only thing I can do on my face everyday, I will definitely do cleaning with the best facial cleanser. Since my face will be dirty from air pollution after one day out, the dirt might stay on the surface then block my poles. Furthermore, if I just let my make-up to stay, my facial skin will be damaged, not by aging, but pollution. Therefore, a good facial cleanser is significant in daily life.

I am going to recommend these three cleansers, they are the best facial cleanser products I have ever had.

eve lom


It’s probably the best facial cleanser in the world, in fact, this was described by Vogue on this cleanser. Not only can it deeply clean the face, but it is also a multi-functional product. It’s more or less a gel lotion and comes with a muslin cloth (if you purchased the bigger bottle, you would get extra cloth). The price is expensive, very expensive for a cleanser, but it’s worth it when you see the condition of your skin after using it. You could get it for £85/200ml on Amazon.

If you haven’t try it, you must ask the sample from the counter, because it’s amazing! Perfectly clean! No matter how waterproof the make up is, it’s an easy job for this cleaner. My make-up is totally gone after using it . I don’t need to put anything after cleaning, my skin keeps moisturizing and radiant. However, with an incredible cleaning result, it comes a bit complicated usage. In the traditional way, we all directly wash our face with the cleanser. On the other hand, Eve lom is more than that. You will have an introduction how to use the cleanser when you purchase Eve lom.

There are 7 steps! Here you can read the introduction how you can do it properly. See the method here. Basically is to apply the cleanser on the face, and massage according to the introduction, then put the HOT cloth to over your face for 7-10 seconds, repeat 3 times. You will find your face brighter and brighter, cleaner and cleaner every time. Finally, you will need to use the COLD cloth to apply on your face.
Well, I know it’s not easy. But when it turns into your habit daily, it won’t be an issue.

Despite washing my cloth, I like the steam feeling of the hot cloth and the refresh from the cold one. The heat took the stress and dirt from my skin, while the cold actually close my poles up and keep the nutrition stays. Btw, if you don’t even wear make-up, you can also use it because it exfoliates the stratum corneum.

shu uemura


There are purple, yellow, pink, orange and green. Pink (porefinist clearning) for combination and oily skin, it will keep you feel fresh and it’s mainly anti-shine and anti-pore. Light yellow for dry and sensitive skin, it focus on improving the texture of your skin, moisturized and nourished and more radiant. Yellow (classic high performance balancing) for all skin types, it makes your skin feeling clean, balanced and moisturized. Purple (Blanc: chroma), it actually a whitening make-up remover, it flights against uneven redness, yellow dullness, brown dark spots and greenish dark circles. Green (anti/oxi) is actually for the skin with acne. Finally, oragage (ultime 8 sublime beauty) is the most advanced cleanser, it provides 8 outstanding skincare benefits for your skin.

It’s £37/100ml on Amazon, it’s a bit expensive for the cleansing oil.

However, I have only tried the green one. Because every time, I purchased this one and asked for recommendation, the sales in the counter recommended for me. In fact, it’s also the most popular in Asia. You have to use it with your dry hands and face first. Then wet your face and emulsify the cleansing oil, massage and rinse with water. It’s the cleanser I used when I was in China, and also the one I take with me when I’m travelling. It’s simple and easy. And it clearly clean out the make up, but with the strong one, you might need to use it twice to wash it out. For daily use, it’s the best!!!



It is actually my starter cleanser, back in school. It costs £25/120ml on Amazon. It’s super for the sensitive and acne skin, on the other hand, it’s so natural that you have to use up within 3 months. It’s mild and gentle to use on eyes and lips. Just like the oil remover, we have to use it on dry skin, and emulsify. This remover is the best selling cleansing oil in Japan, since it cleans more than DHC cleansing oil, meanwhile it’s more gentle.

Overall, these are the best facial cleanser products I have tried. The most expensive is Eve lom, but it’s also the special one, because after using, your facial skin is moisture like wearing cream or lotion. For the easy usage, it’s better to use the cleansing oil, as it really doesn’t take much time.

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