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The best lip stain/The best lip tint

Lips color is the significant make-up product that really change your look, and make you different. Even if you don’t wear anything on your face at all, lip color will bright your face up, awake your looking, of course, your confidence will be through the roof just as you are wearing your 15cm high heel shoes.

There are thousands of lipsticks in the market, and here I am going to introduce the best lip stain/tint I have ever tried.

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Check Glossy Blaster Tint

What’s lip stain/tint?

Lip stain and lip tint are cosmetic product to color the lips, both of them have great staying power often without much gloss or shine. But lip tints are much lighter than lip stains and are very liquid. That’s why you can use the lip tints as blush. On the other hand, lip stain is waterproof and long-lasting. As to me, it’s brilliant because I am too lazy to put on lip color again and again, it’s better just put once and keep pretty the whole day.

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Check Glossy Blaster Tint2

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Check Glossy Blaster Tint

Too cool for school is a Korean brand and the price of its products is fair, meanwhile, the packages of the products are always adorable and girly. The Glossy Blaster has 5 colors, they are Chic Red, Giddy Rose, Dinnky Pink, Posh Coral and Merry Tangerine. And there are more colors available now. The one I got is the Chic Red, it’s incredible loving red and it makes me look in good spirits. As I look a bit dull without make up, I have to put some color to bright up my face, that’s why I chose this color.

Just like a lip stick with a sponge, apply it from the centre of lips to outer, tab it on your lips then blend it on your lips. Then wait for it to dry. Normally, I only put a bit on the center and use the cotton stick to rub it over my lips. I prefer to be natural looking, plus this color is really red. This tint is more moisturizing than the previous edition, and it’s actually glossy. I love it a lot, and I wear it almost everyday as I don’t have to worry about drinking water might take away my color. 😛

YSL Vinyl Cream Lip Stain

YSL Vinyl Cream Lip Stain

It’s more like a new edition of the YSL Glossy Stains, though it’s a bit expensive but it’s worth every penny. The packaging is always pretty of YSL, dressed up in a black packaging, reminds me of how elegant of the black little dress. Moreover, as most of YSL products, it has fragrance of fruits. The Vinyl Cream have a creamy texture, it makes your lip watery and comfortable. It looks immediate glossy and shiny, then it fades during wear over the day, but leaving your lips with color. The colors of YSL is gorgeous, there are 12 colors to choose and I am sure you can find the color you are looking for so far.

BENEFIT Benetint

BENEFIT Benetint

This is the first stain I have used, I always adore the package and the appearance. You can feel the rose scent even it’s on your lips. As I have mentioned, the stain is more liquid, so this stain can also be used on face as blush. Rub it over on your cheek before it dries out. The tint comes with a little brush, it’s bit difference between the previous two which have the sponge applicators.

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