Best and worst memories from school

School life is almost a quarter of the life, everyone has lots of best and worst memories from school. In our memories, we all have the best and the worst. We might laugh at them or still have the bitter taste of them.

Studying is the most important and the main part of my school life, therefore the grades really matter. I guess the best memories for people would be going for a graduation trip or camping, but for me is getting No.1 in the school. I used to have little competition in my class, and I had never gotten to No.1 except one time during my whole school life. I felt so proud that I beat everyone on that exam. It was the best time ever!

best and worst memories

I had many bad memories at school, basically were getting lowest scores on maths. If it comes to the worst, it must be the time I had an argument with my best friend, we did almost everything together in school, but because of the argument, we didn’t talk for a week. I can hardly remember what we fought about, the week we didn’t talk was killing me. In the end, I wrote a letter to her and we apologized to each other.

We spend our childhood and youth at school. Whether is good memories or bad memories, they are all the treasures in our life. Although some memories are nightmare for you, they are just lessons. Every single piece of memory makes the current you.

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