THE BODY SHOP Warming Mineral Mask

It’s a deep cleaning mask that it only takes you 5 minutes to wear it. It contains ginger root oil, Zedoary Oil, and seaweed extract. In a plastic paste, it doesn’t look luxury but it’s easy to use. To be honest, it’s difficult to squeeze out. love using it during shower, because the steam during shower will open my pores and I can easily wash off in the shower.

Warming sensation

The instant warming sensation is extremely pleasant. Some people might claim that the mask is only warming for few seconds. On the other hand, it doesn’t fade away, you just need to massage your face and you will feel the heat. Although there is ingredient to warm your face up, but I do like the ginger part. As most of Chinese people, I love ginger, not only because it’s the ingredient to the ginger biscuits, cakes or dishes, but it also useful for scars removal. Some of the Chinese girls slice ginger and put it on the scars, wait for 10-15 minutes, the heat and ginger spicy juice might make the spot a bit red, then 1 week later, the scar will be lighter and probably disappeared. But be careful, some people’s skin might have allergy reaction.

Deep cleaning

I have to say the cleaning function is amazing! My face is brighter and whiter, I can see the difference between my face and neck, so now I apply on both my face and neck. There are less blackhead around my nose, afterwards my face is much more smooth and clean. However, I have to put toner and lotion on because my face feels dry and a bit of skin start peeling. It’s better to put moisturiser or pores shrinker on.

Get it

I got it when there’s promotion in The body shop, it’s £10 on sale. But I found out that on Amazon is only £8.

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