CHANEL Hydra Beauty Creme

To be honest, the package of Chanel Hydra Beauty Creme is not equally as fancy as its price. Just like most of the luxury cosmetic brand, it’s

simple with Chanel logo in the middle of the black cover. There are actually two different moisturizers in the Hydra Beauty collection, one for normal or combination skin while another for normal or dry skin. And for my dry skin, I chose the crème instead of gel.

Simple Ingredient

On the other hand, it does not affect its amazing moisturizing. At the heart of the formula: Camellia Alba PFA,* extracted from camellia flower, hydrates skin and helps maintain optimal moisture levels. Not only does it intense the hydration, but also gives cooling effect on your skin. Hence the reason why I can use it in the humid summer of southern China.

Excellent Outcome

Every time using the cream, I just feel like my skin is protected with a bubble, fresh and perky. Chanel claimed that your skin will enhance the hydration for 40% after used 4 hours. In fact, you will feel amazing smooth to put your make up on, whereas, it really help your make up last longer than you expected. Last but not least, Chanel Hydra Beauty Creme is non-comedogenic, so it’s an ideal product for my skin.

Why Get it

It’s basically a fabulous skincare product, while the price is just as Chanel’s whole family, a little bit steep.
It cost £50 for 50g. However, you can find a cheaper one on Amazon.

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