Cheapest Ottoman Bed in UK Review

Bed is one of the most important furniture, as you spend more than 6 hours on it everyday, plus a good sleep will boost your energy. Recently I’ve moved to a new house and I needed a new ottoman bed. I’ve visited few showrooms in my local area but the prices started from 300 up so it’s not the Cheapest Ottoman Bed.

The next choice was to look at Amazon because I’m the Amazon Prime member. After few minuter of research I came up with this. It is the cheapest ottoman bed on Amazon UK.

Cheapest Ottoman Bed

At first I was skeptical about the quality of this bed but I took the plunge as the price was very attractive. It costs me £108 with free delivery. Another critical thing is the storage area under the bed. My new house is not huge so I needed to take advantage of every possible storage space. For that ottoman bed comes in handy with a lot of storage space that is wasted with standard bed. It’s like having another wardrobe on the floor, some might say floordrobe 😛 You can put your seasonal clothes or spare bedding inside.

Cheapest Ottoman Bed
Storage area saved with Ottoman Bed

Less is more, the less things you show in the room, the tidier and bigger the room is.

One thing is that the delivery time was a bit long to be honest because it took 17 days. However for this price I can’t complain.

Cheapest Ottoman Bed
Bed comes in 3 boxes


How to build it?

Chepest Ottoman BedThe deliver guy left only 3 flat packed boxes, I was wondering whether he missed something. For the build process I used my husband. This Ottoman bed can be built by one person in one hour. Just follow the instructions and it should be straightforward.

Below you can see step by step video on how to build it.

This is the finished product. Cheapest ottoman bed is done in an hour.

Cheapest Ottoman Bed
This is the finished product

Get it

Dreams are for free so why not dream them on a cheap bed, that way you have more money left to realize your dreams.
Another thing is just take the money saved on bed and spend them on better materace. Getting a cheap bed doesn’t make a cheap sleep. The cheapest ottoman bed is definatley not the best quality bed out there but it’s certainly quite good.
It is sturdy and doesn’t swing when you roll, furthermore there’s no sound coming out of it during your night movements.
I recommend this product.

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