Dr.Jart+ Shake&shot Mask review

Last year, I went to South Korea and got lots of cosmetic home. Korea and Japan are both skincare master countries. So here I am, introduce this mask for you.

The package is a plastic cup, looks like a snack I liked when I was a child.



But the lid is a weird face, it actually want to show people that your skin will be like baby skin after using it. The mask contains 2 packs inside, one is booster another is hydro liquid.

Easily mixed two packs in the cup and use a finger to press on the mouth of the face lid.

Then Shake it! Shake it!! Shake it!!!

how to use

After mixing it, you can use the spatula to apply on your face evenly. It’s important to put thick layer, as you got to peel off later on. Wait for 15-20 minutes, peel off the mask and wipe with a cotton pad.

It’s moisturizing and you can feel the skin is much softer. To be honest, it’s a good product, and it really helps. However, the price in England is too much expensive than in Korea. And the mask actually does what other hydrating masks do, meanwhile, others will be less complicated to use.

Dr.Jart+ Shake&shot Mask1

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