Get lost in Berat: The city of Thousand Windows

Located by the sides of Osum River, Berat is known for the Ottoman houses that cascade down both sides of its gentle river valley. it also named as ‘City of a Thousand Windows’. It is two and half hour from Tirana in 2.5 hours with a hired car. FYI, there’s bus from Tirana, if you want to skip Tirana, you can also take the taxi from the airport.

Many travellers visit Albania, at some point during their trip whether its for a quick day trip or a few days to explore this unique stone city. Berat is a city where Islam and Christianity have coexisted for centuries. You will find the remains of churches, mosques – including the ruins of the Xhamia e Kuqe / Red Mosque – and the Onufri Museum.

There are many places to visit for 1-2 days stay in Berat, you won’t regret if you stay longer, because it’s SUPER!

Why Berat called
“City of a Thousand Windows”?

Standing upon Berat, because of the steepness of the hill and close construction of the houses, you can’t help but notice the seemingly endless number windows. 

Actually there are many buildings with windows in Albania, the reason why it’s rectagular because it’s more stable and strong physically. If you ever visit Albania, you will surely notice moutains and hills among, and most of the houses are built on the steep. These windows achitectures are perfect for this sort of terrain.

Meanwhile, with more windows, it means more light and more wind. It’s very smart design to be honest.

Story of Berat

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl——Osum. She was in love with two brothers: Tomorr and Shpirag.  and met the brothers in secret. But one day, the brothers knew and fighted,  Both the brothers died during the battle. Osum heard about the tragedy, and her tears formed into the Osum River. 

Today the river also divides Berat into two parts, Mangalem and Gorica.

Open the veil of 1000 windows

Climb on top of Berat Castle

Berat Castle is one of the most iconic landmarks in the area. This Roman-era castle sits atop a rocky hill on the left bank of Osum River overlooking the city of Berat.

The magnificent view from top of Berat

One of the top Berat attractions is Berat Castle, perched high on a hill overlooking the entire city, and the best viewpoints in Berat is at the viewing platform inside of the castle.

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