Gjipe Beach: The hidden paradise

Gjipe Beach is definitely a hidden gem in Southern Albania. 

If you love beaches, there is turquoise crystal water that you can not imagine. I’ve never seen such beautiful water in Europe, to be honest, the water reminds me of Thailand and Malaysia. 

If you love hiking, there is a challenging track in the canyon. Sorry that I was only wearing slides, didn’t manage to go for a hike. But I bet the view from the top must be magnificent. 

If you love camping, take your tent, food, drink, and go! Imagine opening your eyes with this turquoise blue water next to you, closing your eyes with these twinkle stars in the sky. Hike up to the canyon and enjoy the sunrise, sit by the beach, and enjoy the sunset, what a life! 

Located in Riviera, about 2 hours south of the larger city of Vlorë. It’s a beach surrounded by towering rocks and beautiful aquamarine waters of the Ionia Sea. Gjipe is one of the area’s most famous beaches in the region, but less crowded due to way entering. It is famous due to the natural canyon there, it is very impressive to have a look around. 

FYI, the beach is a stone beach, it’s better you can wear water shoes on the shores, but flip flops, even bare feet are ok.

You can reach the beach by car /foot or by boat. If you go by car, prepare for a hiking path. It’s not a very long walk, but due to the poor condition of the road.  

Highly recommend you to wear sneakers or hiking shoes to go, it will be much safer as there can be some loose rocks as well as being a little slippery.

The parking fee was 300 lek, cash only. Do not just drive down with the normal vehicles. 4×4 cars only! You can drive all the way down to the beach, but go with caution as the path can be narrow and there are no guardrails.

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