How to prepare for driving theory test?

This March, I passed my driving theory test at the first time, and I would like to share something about this test with you. Hopefully, it will help you.

How do you start?

In England, if you want to practise driving on the roads, you have to apply Provisional Driving License. You might apply online for £34 and get it around a week. It’s quite useful photo ID as it can show your identity while you purchase alcohol or cigarettes, while you go clubbing or even take the domestic flight.

You have to be at least 15 years and 9 months old to apply it, but you can only drive a car when you are 17 years old. For foreigners, you have to be UK resident, simply you should have more than six months visa in the UK.

To apply the provisional driving license please click HERE.

How do I prepare for driving theory test?

You can book your driving theory test HERE. It took me a month to attend, so you might need to book whenever you want one month advance. And this month will be the golden week for you to review this test.

All the questions from the test are from the DVSA offical driving theory test book. Actually, most of the theory test questions are common sense, stop or slow down for hazard etc. Other questions, I just memorize it. You could buy a book from Amazon which costs around £10, and it’s almost 500 pages!

theory test book

Of course, if you don’t like reading book, then choose the website of phone Apps to help you go through it. This website here charges by period, if you cannot pass the theory test within the time, then you’d buy another period. I think the best one is the App named “The official DVSA Theory Test kit”, not only is it £4.99 unlimited, but you can also use it any time or anywhere you want.

theory test website fee

Last but not least, the best thing of the website or apps is it shows your learning process and your weakness according to your accuracy.

study of theory test

mock test of theory test

About the driving theory test

Theory is divided into two parts, the first part is the multiple choices totally 50 questions. It includes traffic rules, road signs and case studies. If you answer 43 questions correctly, then you will pass this section. Antoher part is hazard perception risk assessment test. As I remember, there are 14 short videos.

theory test 1

theory test 2

On the test day, please go 30 minutes in advance. You will have a paper of test rules after registration. All you need to do is to follow what they said basically, turn off your phone (not turning on the flight mode) and wait for the call. You will get a key to the locker, and you will lock your jacket, outwear and your belongs in it. Before entering the test room, you will be checked very carefully by the examiner.

The test takes around an hour, I have finished watching all the demo, at last, I finished the survey. I took 45 minutes, so the time is totally enough for you. Just relax! You definitely will make it!!!

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