How to start working out

Today let me show you how to start working out.
We don’t have enough time……
As we have jobs, we have no time to prepare a healthy meal. As we have babies, we have no time to go the gym. Overall we have no time, we choose the fast food, we are not satisfied with our shape. Even so, we do not have a plan to change, or we don’t actually would take the first step.

We have too many things to do which already exhaust our energy, and think about we have to spend time on the way to the gym or yoga, time on booking classes and changing clothes. We have to spend nearly 2 hours to do exercise. (PS, I am the one who join the membership and show up only 10 times in a year, so I know the excuses for non-shown.) Until I watched a video of a mum who has 4 kids showing how she exercise when doing laundry, cleaning floor, telling bed-time stories, etc.

There’s no excuse for not keeping fit!

Do it and punch card

I have a friend who is already 100th day of her plank exercise, and she posts everyday after doing it. Everyone saw it and encourage her, or even remind her if she didn’t post on time. Announce your keep fit resolution to your friends or family, or you can find a partner can keep you go on. If you want to hide it and surprise them, make sure you put your exercise record down and be self-restrained.

We are probably not able to do exercise right away just like the online mum did, because we might forget when we are doing stuffs or even we don’t achieve the result we expected but still exhausted. Meanwhile, we are certainly not starting on the extreme burning calories exercises, because it will kill your passion and motivation the next day, you might suffer muscle pain and will not do exercise until you can move your leg without pain. The easiest and simplest absolutely help you keep up.

So, please start easy and simple and intensify as you go along!

Every girl has a yoga mat

I guess every girls has a mat for doing yoga, plilates, aerobic or even sit-ups. I’m sure the easiest exercise is lying on the mat and doing exercise. I had my old yoga mat back in China and I just can hardly take everything to relocate. I got my new mat on Amazon. It’s cheap and there are more than 10 colors for you to choose. I am amateur, but I think this mat is good enough. Firstly, I have laminated wooden floor, and this mat is thick and it prevent your back or knees getting hurt when doing exercises. On the other hand, it’s pretty easy to grip, so that you will stand still or keep a position more easily. It comes with a flexible rope, but it is slight big when it rolled up.

I’m actually a lazy girl that I consider myself “well done” doing exercise 3-4 times a week. But simply doing plank for few minutes everyday is not difficult t be honest. It’s just boring because you only stare down your timer as the minute runs down. For this basic but effective exercise, your entire body will be strengthened, both your shoulders, core and hips. Of course, there are lots of exercises to perfect your body, and I mostly do the exercise suitable for myself.

Get your Yoga Mat from Amazon UK for less than 10 quid.

Find the suitable exercise, not the best one

Some people are eager to lose weight, while some people are trying their best to build up their body. Frankly, it’s way more difficult for skinny people to build muscle than overweight ones to lose fat. I’m one of the skinny girls, who doesn’t like my skinny look. I hired a personal trainer before, and I have run some of the physical test, my muscle and fat aren’t balanced and my muscle is sort of loosen. My trainer asked me not to do so much aerobic activities only within certain amount, and mainly for warming up. He recommended me to do more exercises to strengthen the body, for instance weight lifting.

I have unbelievable weak arms, that’s why I chose the lightest weights, and of course, because the color is hot pink and it motivates me. 😛 I do some lift ups and strengthen activities, and keep my workout short but intense. After a while, you will find your arms are stronger, and you are able to lift up more pounds. If you are not in the skinny group, on contrast, you have to do more aerobic exercises, plus stretch after. Because too much exercises might build up your muscle, and you might still look overweight after doing so much work.

Get a pair of dumbbells from Amazon UK. Choose the weight for your fitness level.

Different exercises for individual, definitely different diets for different needs. For essential, everyone has to absorb vitamin C and protein. If gaining weight is your goal, you need to eat more food, more than you are normally accustomed to. If you do have a small stomach like me, spread your meals throughout the day and improve nutrient.

Don’t quit!

After weeks training, your condition will absolutely getting better, but you will directly back to zero if you stop. Quitting and starting again is a waste of time and energy. There may be times you feel like giving up, but remember why you start it. Have confidence in yourself and belief in what you are doing, you won’t regret.

If you can hardly work out one reason to start, please use at least one of my advice on how to start working out. Here’s few of mine: be a better me, healthier, prettier and happier. Start now, don’t just sit on the sofa and watch the athletes to sweat, move today!

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