Lancôme Advanced Génifique Review

Today I am going to introduce my new favorite skincare product——Lancome Serum.

Lancome Serum: Lancome Advanced Genifique

This is the No.1 serum of Lancome, many of my friends recommended to me, but the expensive price kept me away. Till I was flying from England to China and I stopped in the DFS of Heathrow Airport, I finally decided to try it. You won’t find 100ml outside of the airport, it seems like it is the size only for airport stores. I bought 2 bottles of 100ml, and it costs me ‎£175 for two, so it is £87.5 for 100ml. On lancome website it is £89 for 75ml, that’s why I adore DFS in the airport.

I can hardly wait to put it on my face after purchased. As a serum, you will apply it after cleansing and before moisturising. And this serum will help your facial skin absorb quickly and intensively, meanwhile, it really moisturise and soften your skin. It specially targets to mature skin, helps reduce wrinkles, even skin tone, and increase elasticity.
lancome serum

It is transparent liquid in a glass bottle. You will use the buret head to take the drop from the bottle, so that you won’t waste any extra serum. Furthermore, it’s very smooth to use the buret and I only need 2 drops to apply on my whole face. I think it’s worthy because you will control how much you need for yourself.
buret of lancome serum

I truly amazed at the feeling that I put lancome serum on my skin, it is like a feather gently kissing my cheek. The texture is moisture but not grease, is easily absorbed but not drying out. The serum that I have used, this one is absolutely fantastic.
texture of lancome serum

How old do I need to consider anti-aging products?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of treatment. When it comes to skincare, when are you actually supposed to start using certain anti-aging products? Too early, then you might be wasting money unnecessarily, and it will not actually making so much difference. Your young and active facial cells just need enough sleep and the basic products for maintain. Too late, you might need so much time or even more treatment to solve the problems already appear.

Age 20-25, your skin is in good condition, and it will repair or renew by self-regulation. As long as you apply the daily moistures, keep good balance, you won’t need any expensive products. That actually really helps because we normally don’t have money to buy the luxury anti-age products. Age 25-30, the function of self-regulation declines and getting slower, you will know that the scar takes more time to heal, the tanned skin takes more time to recover. It is time for you to start using some products to prevent aging, to slow down aging. Age 30 and more, hormones began to gradually reduce and the self-regulation is getting worse. You will need to use the anti-age products and concentrate on slowing down aging.

I am 29, and I am using Lancome serum, not because I am rich, but I really love myself and I want to treat myself better. If you don’t adore yourself, who will?

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