Learn foreign language?

Foreign language is a communication tool that you can get closer and know more about a different culture. Many people currently learn foreign language, while many schools also include foreign languages in the main courses. But is it worth learning a foreign language?

It is an advantage for candidates to apply for a job if they are able to speak a second language. For instance, many international companies require employees use English to send E-mail. Therefore, they would prefer to recruit bilingual people. Since there are more and more companies are doing bussiness worldwide, it is necessary to learn English or even other foreign languages.

Benefits of speaking foreign language

Furthermore, it is useful to speak a local language or English. Not only can it help you to get to know more about the local culture, but also it is an easy way to communicate to the locals. Imagine that you travel to a place and the receptionist of the hotel doesn’t speak your language and neither can you speak his or her language. It must have been so difficult. However, if both of you speak the same foreign language like English, it won’t be a problem.

From my point of view, learning a foreign language is worthwhile. It is helpful in daily life, such as working, travelling, and helping a foreigner on the street. Meanwhile, it is good for your brain. Some researches have shown that learning new thing or language is a way to exercise the brain.

In conclusion, it is worth to learn foreign language. That’s why more and more people are learning a foreign language.

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