Lush Rossy Cheeks

Mask is one of the essential thing in girls’ daily life. In this article I’ll try to tell you about Lush Rossy Cheeks mask. I used to use the cloth mask back in China. There are thousands of choices for mask, different function, different ingredients, and different materials. I used to work in a cosmetic company mainly produce mask, and my favorite one is silk. However, I haven’t

found any in the UK, and as I make up everyday, I feel like I consistently put lots of chemicals on my face. I would like to have something that is really natural.
As a result, I found Lush Rossy Cheeks mask. Lush claims that there’s only natural preservative in products, especially the mask only last 28 days. Meanwhile, you have to keep it in the fridge. I found it difficult to use it up during the short period. Actually, I guess it’s alright to use it everyday, but I use it 2-3 times a week, because I use the cleansing mask once a week too.


The package of Lush mask is the same as other mask, just different label. Btw, if you keep 5 empty bottles or tubes of Lush, you can get a free mask in the store. The mask is pink with a fresh rose scent, as to me, the color might not be so lovely, a bit dark, but the smell is wonderful. It might be the best smell of all the mask of Lush.

After facial cleaning, then take it out from the fridge and put on your face. It’s easy to apply, and I might recommend you to apply a thick layer, since you can hardly empty the bottle within 28 days. Left the mask on for about 10-15 minutes, then washed off. You can feel your skin is super smooth and soft. It brightens your facial color and balances the condition. Furthermore, it moisturises your skin, but to be honest, it’s not a really hydrate mask for dry skin.

The first time I used it, I immediately recommended to my friends. One of my friend just bought it, and she said it was a nice mask with fair price. I would like to purchase it again, but I am currently trying the new mask—BB seaweed. I will post the review as soon as I empty the bottle.


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