Maximize our Youth

In recent years, everyone is bathing in collective nostalgia. We look back on the passed youth, and wonder weather we maximize our youth or not. We are sensible and strong, we have heard the old generation of 50’s and 60’s talking about the hardship in the past. As we grew up in this awkward era, we cannot be reckless as the young generation.

Meanwhile, we won’t be steady as the old generation, working hard for the happiness of the next generation. We are selfish so that we can hardly take responsibility, while we can’t escape from it. But what we want to do is Maximize our youth.

Being the tail of 80’s, I’m a bit more reckless than 70’s. I resigned a job which a lot of people feel sorry for me and went on my journey. My parents had headache when I decided to go to Tibet, since most of people consider it’s a dangerous place. They kept worrying until I went back home. On the other hand, I never regret what I did, never feel sorry about my youth.

My friends admired my braveness, but they didn’t actually take the first step into backpacking. There are so many unknowns on the road, you will never know what might happen during your journey. Perhaps a wild animal, a car accident, or even landslides. Furthermore the weather or altitude might stop you from going forward. You’ll hesitate if you can’t handle the situation that you haven’t had before, or maybe you’ll get more confused at the end of the journey. There are thousands of reasons for you not to go, but there is one very good reason to go. Maximize your youth.

Zhou Libo once said, “ if you are not crazy, not troublesome, not capricious, not rebellious, or you have never skiped any class, never fought, never sang karaoke, never slept overnight, or never drank, no shopping, no puppy love, just because you have to study, then I have to ask a question, whether your youth is eaten by a dog or not”. There are so many ways to maximize our youth, for instance making lots of new friends, spending time outdoors with them and getting new experiences. And by the way it doesn’t have to be expensive.

No way to go back

I miss the days that I was wearing mini skirt with canvas shoes, and I miss the afternoons that I playing basketball on the rainy days, and I miss the endless conversations through notes with my friends in the class. All I miss…… Memories flash over my mind, and I’m grateful I had done so many things when I was young, without regrets.

We are forced to have more responsibilities and burdens from our carefree childhood. We’ve have to learn how to set up our own families, to purchase our own dwelling, to raise our own children, etc. We have to learn how to take care of our own parents as their elder health, etc. But we will eventually get stronger, we will learn to conceal our weakness and sadness.

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