The modern and convenient Hot Pot—A taste of instant hot pot

Development of Hot pot

Talking about Chinese traditional food, I guess Hot Pot is one of the most famous food. Hot pot has more than a thousand year in China,   it spread to southern China during Song Dynasty (AD 960 to 1279) . Hot pot is prepared with a simmering pot of stock at the dining table. While the hot pot is kept simmering, ingredients are placed into the pot and are cooked at the table. Through all the years, we have lots of favour according to different taste, just water, spicy soup, sour fish soup, coconut chicken soup, mushroom soup and tomato soup etc. Furthermore, we also have cheese hot pot. It’s actually Cheese Fondue from Switzerland, but instead of bread, we still put the same things such as meat, vegetables and seafood.

Sichuan and Chongqing Hot Pot are the most outstanding, as some people can hardly have spicy food, we have double favour hot pot. So you can see a pot divided into two parts, one is red and filled with chilly, another is just non-spicy soup. Hot pot is for people gather to share food and enjoy together. You might have friends are in love with spicy food, or you might be the one who cannot stand any spicy taste; on other hand, you just want to have two different taste at the same time so that you won’t get bored.

If you are alone and you want to have hot pot, there’s also single hot pot—one person one pot. Single hot pot is also a good choice for a group of people that cannot agree on only 2 favour.

However, hot pot still need gas or electricity cooker to boil the raw food, and nowadays we need something convenient, easy and fast. We have instant noodles/ fast noodles for 3 minutes preparation, and now we have instant hot pot which only require 12 minutes to get ready, moreover, all you need is COLD WATER!

What’s inside of the instant hot pot?

Different brand has different ingredients. The one I got is “De Zhuang Wei Huo Go”, which is 422g.

There are:

  1. Hot pot sauce/paste 60g
  2. Si Chuan noodles 100g
  3. Konjac 40g
  4. Tofu 40g
  5. Lotus root 40g
  6. Bamboo shoot 40g
  7. Chinese mushroom 40g
  8. Quail egg 20g
  9. Fish meat ball 20g
  10. Sausage 22g

If you don’t like spicy, please don’t put all 60g sauce inside. It’s way to spicy for me. XD Anyway, Some of my friends said, they can also put an instant noodles inside when it gets ready. But I don’t see any empty space for it.

How do you prepare it?

Easy as instant noodles, just need to put all the ingredients inside, then tear the heating pad up. Put some water just right above the heating pad, close the lid and wait for 12 minutes. It will be quite hot on the bottom of the hot pot, so put something under it. You can see the hot steam comes out from the hole in the centre of the lid, while you can hear the boiling sound.

Here’s my video.

Here is my Video testing the hot pot

How does it taste?

It’s so spicy to me as I put the whole pack of sauce inside, but awesome! You can actually have hot pot when you go camping, picnic or during your lunch break. I had a dream after, it’s airline start serving the instant hot pot on the plane, but unfortunately, you cannot take it to the plane. 🙁 It tastes as real hot pot, hot and spicy, though. I prefer real hot pot, because we also enjoy the fresh cooked meat and vegetables instead of the package food.

Recommend: ★★★☆☆ worthy to try

Convenient: ★★★★☆ very easy

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