My Polish family

This drawing is about my Polish family, my mother in law and her sisters at Thames embankment, London.

I moved to England in 2015, but I have been to the London tour many times as family visit. London is a fascinating, with modern and ancient architectures, deeply soaked in the history. it’s never enough to look at it, explore it and read it. In 2019, my Polish family visited us, and we took them to London. Big Ben, as the iconic sightseeing place is under restoration, so the pictures didn’t look complete without the historical look of it.

Therefore, I painted, here we go.

The top three ladies in my Polish family

I love being with my Polish family, and I would like to talk to them more, but my Polish is not good enough to communicate, well, maybe I am just being too lazy to learn. I think if I can stay in Poland for a year, I might pick up more and speak more. They never mind that I cannot understand what they are talking about, instead they try their best to teach me different words, which still difficult for me to remember.

By the way, they cook so well. Maria, is my husband’s God mother, sister of my mother in law, she had made me so much nice food. She planted raspberries in the field and made jam and juice from them. I think she’s the one who can cook turkey breast nicely, as for me, they are dry and tasteless. But Maria’s turkey is tender and juice. Until she came to England and smashed the meat in our garden with a hammer in the rain, I know how much effort she made on the food.

Ada, is also the sister of my mother in law, she’s working in the hospital. If you have a family member who’s working in the hospital, you will first ask her for opinions then ring the GP. No matter it’s the family in Poland, or us in England, we do the same. She attended our wedding in China, and visited Guangzhou and Hongkong together. We even slept in a tiny bum bed dormitory for a night. She’s brave and independent, she just retired recently, I guess if it’s not Covid, she might exploring the world.

My mother in law’s name is Aleksandra, or Ola for short. She is ver beautiful and she likes all the pretty things. The first impression of her is I attended the wedding of my brother in law, she dressed nicely and smelled lovely. In the morning, she made her hair style and put on make up, I have never seen my mom make up herself except putting lipstick. Even she goes to work, she has very good image to present. On contrast, it reminds me of going to work in China, I was wearing slipper to work and make up before the morning briefing, so Not professional. I think this is also the influence on my husband, who never wear pyjamas walking at home, only on bed. But for me, Chinese people wear pyjamas even for a walk or some local convenient store.

They always chat a lot and laugh a lot, I wish I could understand more and share more. Well, I should work hard on my Polish learning, for my best Polish family.

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