National Day Of The People Republic of China

The national Day is a day to celebrate a nation, in wikipedia, it said that this nationhood can be symbolized by the date of independence, of becoming a republic or a significant date for a patron saint or a ruler (birthday, accession, removal, etc).

Every country all over the world has its own national day, some might not named it national day, in fact, they are the same. For instance, U.S.A has Independence Day of United States, Australia has Australia Day, Switzerland has Foundation of the Swiss Confederation, the UK has the queen’s birthday while Belgium has the king’s Day. In China, we have the national day on 1st October.

The History

Back to the ancient China, we have the king’s accession day or birthday as national day. The national day“Guo Qing国庆”, Guo国 means country and Qing 庆 means celebration. The earliest of this word was from XiJin dynasty, the most celebrated date of the country is the accession. Nowadays, we made our national day accor to China was established on 1st October in 1949.

The Holiday

Since 1999, Chinese government sets “Golden week” for national day. We actually have 7 days off this week. Actually we don’t have so much holidays through the whole year, so 7 days off is awesome for us. Most of the Chinese people don’t have much days off like 7 days straight in a year, that’s why it becomes the golden time for travelling. Basically, my Wechat (a Chinese social network similar as facebook) moments will take me travel the whole world. As the internet is so convenient now, it’s easy for us to apply VISA, book flight ticket and hotel, etc. Meanwhile, there are tons of travel journals online for you to explore instead of get lost.

According to the record of China customs last year in 2015, there are more than 117 million go aboard, and it’s equal the number of the population in Japan. It made 104 billions USD. Some countries even put on the banner that saying welcome to Chinese visitors. Travelling is one of the most popular trend in China. No matter as far as U.S.A, as close as just around the city, we all like going out and do something different. Feeling free from the work. What do we do if we prefer to stay home than pay the expensive tickets? Shopping! Of course, we do shopping a lot during our trip. In fact, the holidays or festivals are the mainly for shops. It really booms a lot for the economic.

Even though less and less people are thinking the meaning of the national day, we all focus on our holidays. In fact, holiday for us is the days to rest and relax, to let ourselves away from the heavy workloads and stress at work. It really make us happier and healthier. After it, you will feel refresh and energetic.

Do you remember your holiday this summer? Have you already planned your next holiday?

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