NUXE Moisturising Anti-fatigue Night Cream Crème Prodigieuse Review

In China, NUXE moisturising cream is quite popular as “a facial Whipped milk cream”, because of the thick and smooth texture, it does help to moisturize the dryness. Therefore, I gave a try on one of the NUXE cream. The name of the product is Anti-fatigue moisturising night cream, as a night cream, it might thicker than the original one.

I bought it for £23.00 on Lookfantastic, it is 50ml, compare to the prices of most of the brands, it’s fair price. I just don’t really understand that why “anti-fatigue” is used on a NIGHT cream?

The package of the cream is simple, feeling similar as the cucumber essential cream in boots, and that’s £1. 😛 But branding is always the cost. So I cannot wait to try it on. The smell is “charming”? “lovely”?? Not for me unfortunately. The smell is too strong and smells like artificial. I prefer something smell fresh and light, but some people like it because it lasts long time.

The texture of the Nuxe moisturising cream is smooth but it is not very easy to apply as normal cream, hmm…quite like butter than cream. However, it is very very very moisturising, not the smooth feeling, but the fully hydrated one. It’s good for dry skin, especially in the evening.

NUXE Moisturising Anti-fatigue Night Cream

As a night cream, I think it’s an ok product, but as for me, I don’t  agree on the “not oily”. My skin really feel softer another day when I wake up, I can’t say it’s not a good product, it does the job, just not as good as I expected.

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