Procreate: Le Rêve/The dream

Le Rêve (English: The Dream) is an oil painting by Pablo Picasso in 1932. He portrayed his 22 years old mistress Marie-Therese Walter. It said that Picasso had painted an erect penis on the face of the model, presumably symbolising his own, I didn’t see any, but I guess it might be the nose of the model.

As for me, this painting is a sleeping beauty, and the colours of the model is peaceful and calm, on contrast, there’s a red sofa and the bold color of the wall. It makes the sleeping woman more into the sleep. And the two color of the face, it looks like the woman is half in reality and half in the dream.

I like the bold color and the smooth lines on the painting, the woman looks so calm and peaceful. Actually it calmed me down when I was drawing it on the iPad. I started to draw something so that I can practice more on procreate, but as I don’t even familiar with photoshop or drawing apps, neither nor procreate, I am taking baby steps on each painting.

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