REN Rosa Centifolia™ The Essentials

The company was founded in 2000 by Antony Buck and Robert Calcraft. Thanks for the most careful and considerate husband in the world, Buck produced REN skin-care products since his wife had negative reactions to every skin-care products she had tried. Based on all natural formula, REN protruded from the skin-care market.

REN means “Clean” in Swedish. Not only because REN focus on purity, contains no parabens, artificial dyes, or synthetic fragrance, but it also extracted from plants and minerals, such as willow bark extract, cranberry seed oil and fruit oils. If you live in the city, you might not be able to breath clean air, or drink clean water from the tap, why not give a chance to you skin to have a clean CLEANING?

I am going to talk about the essential series of REN, the Rosa Centifolia. The package of it is just clean and simple, like the concept. I am a huge fan of rose, maybe that’s why I also choose rose as my first try. 😛

REN Rosa Centifolia™ Hot Cloth Cleanser 150ml

This hot cloth procedure reminds me of my EVE LOM cleanser, both of them removes make-up and leave skin without dryness or tightness. To be honest, I love the cloth of EVE LOM, it’s easier to wash and the texture is way more softer, but the price is very luxury. Same as EVE LOM, simply apply REN Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser to your skin, and gently massage over the face for a couple of mimutes. Place the hot cloth over your face for few seconds, then use it remove the remaining cleanser. Give it for 3 times, and rinse your face with cool water.

The temperature of hot and cold is a way to open and close the pores, and the texture of the cloth will polish your face cleaner than it was. If you can’t accept the price of EVE LOM, this is definitely a good choice.
REN Rosa Centifolia™ Hot Cloth Cleanser

REN Rosa Centifolia™ Cleansing Gel 150ml

REN Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel is a detergent and soap free gel cleanser for daily use. In the winter, my skin is too dry to put the make up on, so I have to put on a mask after cleaning or apply the foundation with my face cream. I normally choose the texture of face cleansing as gel or milk. Most of the cleansers claim that they can have your make up remove, I don’t believe in it, especially this texture. With the sense of rose, your face will wake up and smoothly cleaned. I like gel, there’s no dry or oily feeling after.

The best of this series, it’s for all kind of skin type, that means you have combination skin, T-zone is the oily skin and cheek is dry and sensitive, this is really good. The gel becomes a bit milky after you apply it on. Here’s a tip, just press like a pound coin size, that’s enough, do control it. Because of its transparent texture, sometimes I really use too much, and empty the bottle way too quick.
REN Rosa Centifolia™ Cleansing Gel

REN Rosa Centifolia™ Foaming Cleanser 150ml

It is similar as the cleansing gel, but just it’s foam. When you apply the foam on face, the foam quickly disappear and becomes liquid. Some people said that the foam texture will clean the dirt of your pores better than normal one. Literally, there’s no difference between REN Rosa Centifolia™ Cleansing Gel and foaming cleanser.
REN Rosa Centifolia™ Foaming Cleanser

REN Rosa Centifolia™ No. 1 Purity Cleansing Balm 100ml

If you are not willing to take so many steps on removing make up, then this is the choice. This product is actually comes with a cloth, so still you might need to wash the cloth as the HOT cloth cleanser. This product is strong enough for heavy make up, it melts away dirt and make up. The cream is thick, and you can massage over on your face and feel like massage oil. You won’t feel the oily feeling after wash out.
REN Rosa Centifolia™ No. 1 Purity Cleansing Balm

REN Rosa Centifolia™ 3-In-1 Cleansing Water 200ml

This cleansing water is the rose water that contains cleanses, tones, and removes makeup in one step for skin that’s purified. It’s fluid rose water, so you need cotton pad to help apply on your face. It actually similar as the cleansing water I have used, Bioderma Sensibio H2O, both are for sensitive skin and able remove lip, eyes make up.
REN Rosa Centifolia™ 3-In-1 Cleansing Water

I prefer more oily texture that I can massage dirt out, and there is an emulsification process. I don’t think you need to get the whole series home, because they are basically all cleansing products. For daily use, I recommend REN Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel, and for the make up remover, I recommend REN Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser.

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