St.Mary’s Monastery, Vlore, Albania 

The other name of the monastery

Zvërnec Monastery

St.Mary’s Monastery, also known as the St. Mary Of Divinity Church, is one of the top things to do in Vlorë, it’s about 20 mins drive from the heart of vlore. Because of the location, people also named it Zvërnec monastery.

It is situated on a small island within the Narta Lagoon, just off a peninsula to the northwest of the city. There is A long wooden bridge over the water, and walking across it is the highlight of the visit. 

The monastery itself

The monastery is actually quite small, but a peaceful place of prayer for nearby Christians. The building to the left was used as the lodging quarters for monks, while the Blessed Virgin Mary can be found in the centre.

Impressively, the interior was decorated with a beautiful carved wooden iconostasis, similar to the Onufri Iconographic Museum in Berat. I really enjoy the stone wall of the buildings in Albania, every wall is literally a perfect background for pictures.

Let’s make a wish

Here, you can pay 10 leks to light up a candle and make a wish. 

Seeing something different

The Highlight

Visiting this monastery, it is a cherry on the top of the cake when traveling in Vlore, Albania.

Vlore is actually a place that is the one of the most popular city of Albania. Located in southwestern Albania, Vlorë sprawls on the Bay of Vlorë and is surrounded by the foothills of the Ceraunian Mountains along the Albanian Adriatic and Ionian Sea Coasts. Many tourists come down from Tirana find this place relaxing and enjoyable.

If you feel bored lying on the beach, just take a bus or a taxi from the centre, to see this different landscape. The highlight of this trip not only the monastery itself, but the way to the monastery. This wooden bridge is the only way to go to the monastery, across the salted water, there is also a deck for picture. Although the wooden deck is a bit dangerous to walk on it, you can still enjoy the amazing views when walking on the bridge.


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