Tenby, Wales

Tenby is a harbour town in southwest Wales. Dinbych-y-pysgod is the Welsh name for Tenby which translates as “Little fort of the fish” and its main attraction is definitely the magnetism of the beaches that surround this little town.

Tenby got magnificent seaside and sea views, that’s why everybody who goes to Wales, will have a stop in Tenby. For a true Tenby experience, you have to visit Tenby Harbour, this small and friendly harbour alongside with colorful harbour houses.

Here, you can also enjoy fishing, or take a boat trip out to the nearby Caldey Island. Although it is all walking distance, but you definitely find it worthy to go.

Ideally spend 2 days 1 night/ weekend trip.♥️

Tenby: Must visit spots

In June, My friend Ocean went to Tenby, Wales with me.

This might be the 3rd time I visited Tenby, because it’s such a lovely seaside town. Colorful harbour houses and nice sea views.

Things to do in Tenby

Best restaurants in Tenby

As to a foodie, food is always equally important as sightseeing when traveling.

Let’s see what you can enjoy in Tenby.

Best restaurants in Tenby

Mackerel Fishing in Tenby

If you don’t like swimming nor playing in the water, if you feel bored relaxing on the beach, why don’t you go for fishing? It’s very good experience for you and your children.

Mackerel Fishing

Surrounding: Pembroke castle

Within 20 minutes drive, you can explore the history of Wales in the castle.

Pembroke castle

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