Thermal Waters of Benje: The Top Hot Spring in Albania 

Hot spring in the middle of nowhere

The thermal waters of Benje is near a town named Përmet, also nicknamed as ‘City of Roses.’ Many people went from all over the world just to visit this hot spring in the middle of nowhere. It is about 13 km out of town, it is about 2 hours drive from Gjirokaster, the driving was smooth and nice on the road, except the close 300m path to the actual spot. 

Temperature is unexpected

As to me, hot spring is much or a bit hotter than shower water, I won’t expect the heat in the water where there’s no volcano. At least, it will be like a bath tub temperature. Because I’ve seen so much video of the steam coming out from the thermal.

Unexpectedly, I went there in the summer, June, and at noon. Feels a bit different, much more cooler than I expected.

Unlike other thermal baths around the world, the temperature here is only mild warm, staying 22-28 degrees throughout the year. So if you go in the hot summer, the water is quite chilli, but if you go in the winter, the water might have better looking, and you might feel warmer under the water. 

Healthy bathtub

There are 6 springs of chloro-sodium-calcium type, and naturally channeled into 6 small bathtubs. The next two pools were smaller and less warm, but they were both beautiful and more private. 

The hot springs can smooth and soften dry and rough skin. Meanwhile, the minerals contained in the water can also hold medicinal properties that may relieve conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Therefore, people do believe that bathing in this thermal will be beneficial for body recovering.

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