Three things to make a perfect friendship

Perfect Friendship

Friendship is important for everyone, because nobody can live in isolation. You need someone to be there for you in difficult moments. How do we have a perfect friendship, which is stable, reliable and enjoyable?

People say, if you want to gain something, first you must give.


Be a good listener, friends love sharing things, such as food, daily news, gossip or even secrets. We share happy things and make each other laugh. However, there might be sadness you will share. Be a good listener, not only listen to the happiness but also the sorrow of your friend. Give some advice, some motivation and encouragement after listening.

Be Honest

Honesty is significant between the relationship. No one wants a friendship based on lies and fake similes. Being honest means you express the true you to your friends. If your friend critices you, he or she isn’t a good friend for you.

Keep your words

Last but not least, keep your promises. It happens sometimes when I was ready to go out of the house after half an hour make-up, then a friend texted and said they are not going today. It might be a small issue, to be honest, it hurts this relationship. Therefore, it’s a good habit to keep promises to people, no matter how tiny they are.
These three things above are the foundation of a friendship, if you keep up with them, you can be a perfect friend to your friends.
Good look to build a perfect friendship!

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