Tibetan School

Children’s Day 2013 I was in Lhasa. The hostel owner told me that he would visit the children’s welfare Tibetan School in the afternoon. Hence, I got some candies and went to the school with

some backpackers. There was children performance when we arrived. All the people in the school were having a jolly time with joy on their faces, even if they might not be rich. It was far away from my thought of food shortage, I was quite embarrassed with my bag of candies.

There were different age of the performers, but all of them were shy and got off the stage in haste, probably because they seldom perform in front of so many people. After the show, we met the principal of the school, who is a Tibetan with a face of Han, he showed his hospitality and introduced this school to us.

The School

This school is invested of the company which the principal and his partner Mr. Song were operating. The expense of the school every year cost more than ($)100,000. Some of the students are orphans, some of them are from single-parent families, some of them are poor household, while some of them are older than me. They were former monks, but as the temple no longer keep too many monks after reform. They cannot support their lives once they left the temple because they used to pray all day long, they don’t even speak in Chinese.

Not only can the students learn all aspects of knowledge, they can also study different kinds of skills, such as Tangka (a Tibetan painting) and sculpture. In addition, there will be some volunteers come and teach special lessons, mainly for widen the horizon of the students. There’s a exhibition classroom placing students’ work, but the most attractive for me is the painting room. And a 7 year old girl taught me to draw my first Tangka here. I stayed almost two months in this school with the students.


Every sunny Friday, we will have the Songkran. Tibetan are not used to taking shower, as a result, we have this water activity for students to accept shower. They are willing to take shower after the activity. After class, some of the students will gather and dance together even without music, I cannot forget the smile on their faces when I danced with them. They are rich in happiness, there’s no material can achieve.

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