Tracing Bluebells in England at Chicksands Wood


Spring always brings the green and color to the world, seeing that the leaves growing from the naked branches,  the seeds springing up from the earth, and the flowers decorating the landscape. Every time I look at them, I find life is such a miracle, endless circulation. Spring is also the best time to look for the bluebells in England.

There are huge ranges of flowers coming with the spring, daffodil, tulip, lily of the valley and so on. Bluebell is one of them, as a wood florist, you can easily find in the wood land of the UK. 

Chicksands Wood, is located in Central Bedfordshire, is a small forest that you won’t get lost. There’s a straight walking path through the woods, and you can easily spot the bluebells among the greens. They are like a fairy jumping in the woods, petals curl back, like wearing little ballet dresses. If you close up, the delicate scent will really delight you. 

The violet blue is very outstanding among with white daisy and the yellow dandelions, in Chicksands wood, it’s not like a carpet or a floral sea, but clustered around, and color up the wood, the spring.

Location: Chicksands Wood, Central Bedfordshire (MK45 4DB)

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