Trip to Gostyn in Poland

Gostyn in Poland is a small town, 1 hour drive from Poznan. I’ve lived in Guangzhou, a mega city in China, I have never thought Gostyn would be my second hometown. There is only 21,000 people in this town, compare to Guangzhou, maybe it’s only the participants of a marathon. How many people is there in Guangzhou? Well..this is not the topic of this article. 😉

Attraction of Gostyn

In Europe, the most popular tourist attractions are churches, market square and city hall. Gostyń is no exception.

Monastery, a copy of the church from Venice Italy. In Venice, the church is white while here is with more color. Like all the churches, similar outlooking with different style and details inside. People used to worship to a picture in the beginning until later the church completed in 1698. The paintings here are all showing the happiness of Jesus, on the other hand, the main painting in the middle of the church showed Saint Maria was holding Jesus. This actually the second picture according to the people’s memories of the first painting which was destroyed. As the Greek style decoration, the church is bright and colorful. Around the main building, there’s a open area for religion music festival. It might be the only sad side here, since there is Jesus’s heart with a scar. It’s quite and holly.

Besides this church, there’s a old late gothic church about 700 years old in the center. The church was established in 1278.

In the town center is easy to find the market square, and the city hall is just located by the side. It’s not a big square, but in the evening there will be some bars there. It’s not so much to see compare to big cities in Europe, on the other hand, you will find peace and quite.

The real attraction is natural in Gostyń. There are some lakes and forests around. There is a really nice place named Chichowo, where there is a lake and a farm. In the summer, people will swim in the lake. Furthermore, you can go back to your childhood with a train here. :-p

Life in Gostyn

Gostyn is small and simple. However there are lots of things to do.

Horse riding is one of the best. It was the first time I was on the horse, but it was the first time that I really rode a horse, even there’s a girl was holding the rein all the time because I was a beginner. I was in my imagination the whole ride, imagined I were riding through a forest, into a natural moment; imagined I were riding on meadow, race with the wind; imagined I were walking with the horse aside the beach, feeling the wave go across my toes.

There’s some tips for beginners, first of all, love your riding horse, he or she can feel what you feel. Secondly, wear your least favorite pants because you might smell like horses after riding. Finally, prepare for the muscle pain the day after.

Besides riding horse, you can go skating in the winter. Normally if there’s heavy snow, it’s possible to skate on the frozen lake. However, the days I was in Poland, there’s not even snow in the end of December. So here I was.

Back to the natural is mainly things you do here, such as walking in the forest, picking up fruits from the farm, feeding animals and fishing around the lake. I love them all. Except for fishing, I haven’t try yet, because before fishing, you have to apply for the license. There’s no forest in my city, maybe that’s why I am into the forest walk. Unlike national parks, there is no walking path in the forest. As Lu Xun said, originally there is no path in this world, but when there are many who have walked upon it, then a path came into being.

People in Gostyń are as simple as the place it is. I am glad that I join this family, since everyone is simple and nice. They are actually happy and excited about little things. Even I don’t speak Polish, I can feel the love and passion from them.

Wedding in Gostyn

Polish wedding is more and less than a Chinese wedding. Less rules and procedures, more fun and participation. I had a Chinese wedding and a Polish wedding, I have to say both of them are tiring. On one hand, Chinese one is basically everything about the couple, on the other hand, polish one is everyone.

In the past, Polish wedding might be 1 week or at least three days. Now it’s only 1 day till late night. As most of the Polish are Catholic, they will have ceremony in the church and had blessing. Then when the new couple walks out of the church. The guests will throw the coins to the couple and the couple will pick up from the floor. They believe the coins will bring the luck to the new couple. I didn’t have this since I am not religion.

According to the tradition, My husband and I had bread with salt. The bread means that we will have a happy life without worries and hunger, while the salt means we will understand and support each other even if something bad happens. And my husband carried me like a princess to enter the restaurant. We started our wedding party with smash of our champagne glasses.

We took the first dance then dance and dance and dance as there’s no last dance. My legs were tired and painful but everyone is happy and enjoyable. We ate and dance, like we ate as we took so much energy to dance, like we dance as we had so much food to digest. The wedding party finished around 3 a.m. Warm tips: if you are invited to a Polish wedding, please take a pair of comfortable shoes to change.

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