Warsaw, a capital city of Poland

Where there’s war, there’s something disappeared or left. Similar as China, the main battlefield of World War II, it was ruined and destroyed. The country and government doesn’t stop trying to rebuild and develop it. After decades of efforts, Warsaw today is nirvana reborned.

Warsaw is a big city, maybe not as big as the big cities in China, but in Europe is large. Therefore there are so many places to visit and many things to do here. I planned to stay here for 3 days, in the end I stayed for 4 days. I didn’t visit lots of places, but I did visit slow and clear.

Łazienki królewskie

It was the first place I go when arrived Warsaw because it’s so close to the hotel I stayed. Talking about my hotel, I have to give a good comment on it. It’s spacious and old style, but the bad thing is they don’t provide hair dryer and the room is a bit old too. For the price, and the distance to the park, you will be satisfied.

I lost my direction when I entered łazienki. As the largest park in Warsaw, it occupies 70 hectares of the city center. It took the name “łazienki”(bathroom) from a bathing pavilion that was located nearby. According to the map, there are 23 attractions in the park.

With 25 zł, you can visit the main edifice in the center of the park, Palace on the Isle. On the other hand, with 45zł, you can enter 4 edifices which are the Palace, the white pavilion, the old orangery and Myślewickin palace. I got the ticket of 45zł and started visiting. Btw, the ticket office is right next to the Palace on Isle, also you will have a free audio headset which works only in this palace. If you visit on Thursday, it’s all free!

The Palace on Isle is filled with Royal paintings, antiques and luxury furnitures. Every room are special and unique. In the bathroom, you can find all the relieves and pictures about water, plus the tiles on the wall are all different from each other. There are many curios inside the edifice, the incredible details and luxury decorations will amaze you. Furthermore, I am so pleased to see some chinas from my country. Oh, remember to use your headset here, you won’t feel alone or bored with it.

Not far from the Palace, there is an apthi theatre on the bank of the lake, it’s the theatre on the Isle. Inspired by the Ancient Greek and Roman architectures, it provides a wonderful setting on the summer evenings.

Walked through the Chinese garden (orgród chińiski, actually it’s a garden with red Chinese lanterns by sides) next to the Palace on Isle, you will see the white pavilion, then the old orangery. Luxury antique European style is sterling and fabulous. The old clocks, chandeliers and furnitures bring you to the time of elegance and decency.

Warsaw National museum

The museum is free, you only need to pay for the some exhibitions. It’s not a huge museum compare to the famous ones. However, you can still spend time on enjoying the beautiful paintings. The paintings are divided into different times, I can see some of the general difference even I am not an expert. The collections of the museum are not so impressive, I was wondering how many things the war destroyed. Not even the architectures, but also the priceless treasures, history of the prosperity.

There are a lot of different crosses in one exhibition hall, with gorgeous hand crafted. The religion plays a very important role in the western world. In the past, it influenced a lot to politics, nowadays, it’s still in people’s mind. China, mainly without any religion since Chairman Mao told us that we can only believe in him or Marx. Anyway, we do have our own religion, such as Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism and Dao. As the modernization and westernization in China, we have more Christian and Catholic.

As to me, visiting national museum is a good way to get to know a country. The difference of culture, aesthetic and history make a country unique and special.

Castle square and old town

I took a bus from my hotel to Royal castle. For taking a bus, it’s quite different. Because we always have a money box for putting money in if people don’t have a transportation card. And sometime the drivers might do the ticket job. I didn’t find any ticket box, and the driver is actually sitting in the glass box, isolated, but there is a ticket machine on the bus. You will choose different period time for different value, for instance, if you take only 3 stops, you might get a ticket for 10 minutes. If longer distance, then it’s more time, more expensive. Anyway, I still think it’s not so convenient. Btw, it only accept card payment on the bus, instead of cash. So you may want to find a bus-stop has a ticket machine there.

The castle is grande! There is a big garden in front of it, in fact, I didn’t see much inside. It’s like empty and unfinished. There’s a small museum on the second floor, and another old and narrow path go upstairs. I guess there must more things inside, but I don’t know.

The old town is just near the castle, so people called the square “castle square”. You might find the colorful and beautiful architectures here, and mostly the amazing looking one is church. I felt like there’s a church on every single street, and every church is different decorations and paintings, of course, same function and similar structures. In the old town, there’s a small museum of Maria Curie, it’s small but free, you can know more about her.

I had try a restaurant in the mermaid square, named “Kuchinia warszawska”. It’s good location, inside the decoration is antique and beautiful, while outside is surrounded with flowers and birds. Meanwhile, you can see the mermaid in the center of the square. However, I have to say the service here is shitty. I am not saying the waitresses are rude or unfriendly, but I wasn’t feeling concerned. I ordered a duck breast salad with raspberry sauce, the vegetable was bitter with strong taste, and the blueberries were sour. When I asked to check the bill, it’s like forever. So did the change come. Is it because I was alone???

Finishing the old town, going towards south, you will reach the new town, I meant the shopping street names “Nowy Świat”. On the way, you can have a look at the present house outside, even though it’s impossible to get in, it’s nice to have to look outside.

I walked a lot, that’s why I went to the court, it’s really nice building with blue Greek style looking. There is a Museum of the Military Ordinariate opposite of the square with a big status. You have to pay to see the museum but it’s free to see the church and the memorial bricks. No war, it’s the best for a country as home, what if there’s no war ever? Then probably we won’t have the industry revolution, the development might be taking small steps.

Copernicus science center

Go early, that’s what I was thinking when I walked into the center. It’s a place good for the children, so you will meet lots of children and parents here, lively. It’s very popular and on weekends or holidays, the center is fulled of people. To be honest, I was waiting in the queue for almost 2 hours, since there are lots of people inside and the ticket office stopped selling. Plus, there is no seat for the queueing people. My advice is book online before going. On the website, for booking the ticket is in polish.

Locals like this center a lot, while I am not a big fan of it. Maybe because of the time I waste on waiting, or maybe it’s because I don’t have a kid, or maybe I just don’t like science. Inside of the center, you can find lots of scientific stuffs, such as the water power, magnet, space, some physics. It’s easy to understand, aiming to let the children to get involved and understand. The descriptions mostly are in English and polish, but don’t worry if you don’t understand, as you always can see how people do it or find someone in red to explain to you.

Złote Tarasy

I am glad that Warsaw was rebuilt and developed. There is a huge shopping mall named Złote Tarasy located next to the Warszawa Centralna railway station, the main train station in Warsaw. It is basically one-stop store for all your need: restaurants, cinemas, groceries, clothing and shoes, etc. There is a very outstanding building near the mall, it’s the Palace of Culture and Science, you can have a great view from the top.

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