YSL Primer

A good primer will always help your make up spread perfectly over and make it last long. Most of primers are transparent while some of them with radiant or different toner color. Today I am going to talk about the primer of YSL primer-Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Blur Primer.

Bling bling gel

I tried many primers on the back of my hand when I was looking for one. I know the foundation and the lipstick of YSL are nice, but I didn’t know that the YSL primer is better than its gorgeous look. It really got my attention of the golden and luxury appearance. There is thousands of tiny golden powder floating in the bottle, just like it is a snow dome. I was wondering if my face will become actually gold. :p

The smoothest skin can be

It’s extremely easy to apply. You will feel incredibly smooth once you try it on the back of your hand. Omg! Smoother than you are touching a silk scarf. I didn’t hesitate for a second to purchase it. Since I have quite a lot pimples on my face, it’s obvious even I put on make up. After moisturizing, you can apply it on your face. Please be careful the amount you apply, just a little bit is totally enough for your whole face. Otherwise, you will end up with a greasy looking.

There’s golden powder within the gel, but it doesn’t have any color when you put on your face but your skin will be brighten and a bit luminosity. You can’t see the tiny golden things on your face, on the other hand, you will feel your skin amazingly smooth as no pore at all. Then you will find flawless with foundation.

Expensive, but fair

You can get hte YSL primer for £29.5 on Boots. It might be a bit expensive than other primers, but in fact, according to the amount you apply every time, it will last quite long time.

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